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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hashima Island - the deserted island

Hashima island, relayed picture from WikipediaI never heard anything about Hashima until I watched Life After People in History Channel. It was inspired me to write a novel again though of course I would not said it was set up in Hashima.

I made a small research about Hashima and found some interesting facts about it. WAIT! CHOTTO MATTE! What was the connection of Hashima and anime/manga/video game/dorama/movie? Oh, it had the connection, indeed. Let me reveal some of them.

According to Wikipedia, Hashima was several time used for filming, including Battle Royale II: Requiem. A video game called Killer7 took it as final stage. Two mangas referred Hashima in their story: Midori no Hibi and Get Backers. Air Gears manga set a race in that island.

So, if you go to Japan, do you plan to see it?


Wikipedia: Hashima Island
History Channel: Life After People
Boing Deserted Japanese Island Photo Gallery

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