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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sakasama no Chou ~Jigoku Shoujo~

Sakasama no Chou - Jigoku ShoujoBefore I get stuck with office work which will be hectic from this week to the mid of December; I must post this request first. I had done it for quite long time but I need time to transfer and edit the layout. This is the first time that I really have to use CorelDraw to edit the lyric page.

I won't waste your time. So, this is what I can tell you about Sakasama no Chou. The song's tempo is moderate. I don't think it will be hard for you to play. Just carefully 'be alert' of the modulation part (page 3, bar 69). Since it's a rock song, there is no complicated chords that you're going to encounter. So, relax! :D However, for you who's going to sing rather than playing the song, be alert at the bridge (Part D). It really needs your breath and stamina. There are also accents.

I'm totally suggesting you to play acoustically for musician if you're looking for a new style. Acoustic guitars with cello may give you a total different feeling. If not, then stick yourself with the original sounds.

So, have fun and ENJOY!


Download page: here
Download file: here

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