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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Samurai Warriors 3, Know 3 Characters!

Sengoku MusouOk, I'm pretty excited with the upcoming game from KOEI though sadly I don't have wii.. (yet). So as by accident I found the trailer (just because I saw someone's page in MySpace who is a fan of GACKT), this is I can share to you:

Samurai Warriors 3 will be released on 2010 (but according to Wikipedia, it will be released on Dec. 2009). Sadly, I haven't yet get the price from Amazon. When I get it, I will post it ASAP.

According to some source, there will be 4 new characters. I compare the pictures at with the trailer in youtube, and obviously Kaihime is one of the new character that was previewed in The dress was totally looked alike. However, animemangamania had listed 5 new characters. So I did comparing the pictures and I find out that KOEI made some slight changes to the character's dress. That was why I failed to identify them by clothes except Kaihime. And anyway, I rarely have time to play Sengoku series.. :D More interesting fact is that Wikipedia listed 6 new characters. Now, I hope somebody can really confirm the true numbers of new characters. Maybe a real fan/player can tell me about this?

So, back to neoseeker's version.. There are 4 pictures (please click the link. The version on the left of my page is for your comparison) in that website: 2 on the first row with female and male. They are Kaihime and Katou Kiyomasa. After I compare the pictures of Katou, the only clear sign of this character was the big circle of his left cloth. On the second row, right part is Tachibana Muneshige. The only thing that I can make sure of him was his sword. Both earlier and final product had same design. Only one picture that I cannot identify at all. My best guess is that KOEI totally change both his physical appearance and cloth.

So then, let's wait for its launch! ^_^


4 New Characters: Samurai Warrior Teaser Trailer (Youtube) and picture version (Neoseeker Forum)
KOEI Warriors Media (Youtube)
Animemangamani Youtube

Samurai Warriors 3 (deviantart, free gift)


Glo said...

I actually just wrote a post about how mad I am. I'm mad, and I'm linking here.

mitayashi said...

sorry I cannot post your first comment since it has some inappropriate language.

I can understand your feeling. Somehow, I also feel sad that I can't play either since I don't have wii. However, even though I can't play, I'm happy to know the story is still going on. :)

I hope they will release version for PS2 again... :D

violinrocker said...

found your site over at anime link exchange, was wondering if you still want to xchange links, the site is , please tell me if you do so, so i can add yours

tyvm ^_^