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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nodame Cantabile in j-mAdness booklet!

YEAH! I finished it! So yeah, this is the end year gift from me to you:
a digital book consists of 25 musics that I had done plus a new one. Yes, it is from Nodame Cantabile!

j-mAdness bookThe Gift
Let's talk about the book first. The book is quite thick but at least you have the most notable work from j-mAdness from 2008 to 2009. Please do not think that next year I will do the same, make a compilation for the projects I have done before December 2010! I (will) keep changing the gift.

Nodame's Effect
Now, about the bonus 'track'. Its title is Eien ni Tsuzuku Kono Machi ni. It is an original score from Nodame Cantabile. Nodame had a significant influence to me. I decided to learn violin because of it. If I never watched Nodame, I will never learned violin. If I never learned violin (though I'm quite good with piano), the idea to make this website will be zero, too. Aside from Nodame, La Corda D'Oro seriously gave an impact to me as well as Nodame.

The score - Eien ni Tsuzuku Kono Machi ni - itself was special. I played the song (mp3) during my computer class. My students that are mostly lower level children -- amazed by the beauty of this song.

I really hope that you, beginners of any instruments, would try to play this beautiful piece. Note that the mp3 can be downloaded separately since the book is quite heavy size. The book also has 2 links of download. If one doesn't work, you can go to the other one.

Happy playing, Happy New Year! Wish you all the best. See you soon in 2010! \(^o^)v

P.S: thanks to Eloni who let me use her work (back cover)! ^_^


Download page in deviantart: here
Download pdf via deviantart: here

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