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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

d.m.c ~from Devil May Cry~


d.m.c by j-madness
I'm still in high spirit since it's still new year scent ;) So I bring you a pretty quick score, a full spirit one from Devil May Cry. I hope, this song will bring you luck as it has fast tempo and full energy.

I'm not an expert on electric guitar so I will not say anything about it. The score is actually a combination of rock band and orchestra so you can hear a lot of 'noise' and distortion. But that makes the entire score interesting. If you don't like the philharmonic version, buy the original OST so you can hear the d.m.c band version only.

The tune is not hard if you play with piano. However, for strings part may give you problem. Most of it at least plays at 5th position. This is more suitable for students on middle to expert level. But if you, beginner violinist wants to try, just lower the tunes one octave. In this case, it is more sounded like viola but it is still worth to try. (Note: I haven't try by myself)

So, ENJOY and have fun!


Download page: here
Download file: here


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have been looking everywhere for this, Me and my Girlfriend want to learn to play this together. Thank you

mitayashi said...

our pleasure.
hope you have fun to play this ^_^