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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year from artists

I believe that the 'smell' of New Year is not yet away. So, I'll show you some nice works from artists in deviantart. I pick based on creativity, meaning, and drawing technique as well. Please access their page to see the larger and original size, also to show that you support them. Here they are:

1. Happy -late- New Year by Tar-kun

(access to the page: here)

I love the natural color and at first, I was 'fooled' to think that this work was done with real marker :D

2. Celebrate The New Year by doggerland

(access to the page: here)

The hand sign, the smile... are just fit it, right? ;)

3. Sakura - Happy New Year by Illusoryimpurity

(access to the page: here)

I think, the anatomy of the girl is too catchy to resist. And oh... does her hand flame with fireworks? o_O

4. Let's Rock 2010 by Antikku

(access to the page: here)

Yeah, let's rock in 2010! Sweet rock, maybe?

5. Happy 2010 by kazenokibou

(access to the page: here)

Very detail and wise in composition.

And the last one will be special! The owner let you to color it. Read the term first at the artist's page, ok! It is a nice outline so I'm sure you will able to color it especially if you're doing it in digital.

6. Sayonara Twenty-o-9 by ctchrysler

(access to the page: here)

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