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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring has coming, Sakura is blooming

Above every post that I ever made, this post surely has nothing to do with games, anime, movies, nor j-drama. But let me enjoy this post as a tribute to how Japanese celebrate sakura as the most waited scene in a year. For someone who lives in Equator like me, the beauty of spring may sound as 'naive' (read: unaware), since, almost a year, every scent of flower can be tasted. I even prefer to enjoy snow. My own experience about spring in Japan was also very limited because I came on the end of spring. But again, Sakura and Japan is identical and though it may be late, let us see how people enjoy sakura in different way.

I think, the folk song 'Sakura' is one of the most popular song and notable from Japan. And because it is a folk song, it is easier to accept and interesting to re-interpret. So I'm giving you some orchestras - which is mostly played by schools around the world. Do not see on the player's skill first because some of them are pretty young and orchestra is a hard work of teamwork. I respect all players there and for me, all of them has successfully performed.

What makes me interest is how the arranger put Sakura into a compact harmony and interpretation. I think, most schools that I put here are Westerner but it is interesting to see how they put or combine Asian and western tradition into a solid piece of song. From 5 orchestras that I choose, each of them shows its power of interpretation. You will feel different nuances.

No more to say but,... enjoy!

Discovery Middle School

MacArthur Middle School Orchestra

7th Grade Orchestra Ellis Middle School

Harpool Middle School Band

Pioneet Middle School, Plymouth

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