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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Puppy of Rain ~from Suppli (Sapuri)~

Thank you for being *cough* patient. I now deliver my promise to you to update the blog and this time with music! Hehe, it's been a long time, eh?

Ok, let's just talk about the score I picked up months ago. Suppli is a drama that focused on advertising world. This score was part of an 'advertising' that was played in the first episode. I could not remember what product in that drama talked about, but I do remember until now that the advertisement took a story of a dog which wandering alone in the streets, a lonely dog (and cute!), both in sunny and rainy days. The focus was on the dog, so we couldn't see human in complete but their feet. What the sad part was.. none of the human ever stopped for the dog. That was all that I could remember.

The music was totally touching my heart and it was very beautiful, it had the sadness, but I felt it also gave some strength to my heart. Kanno Yugo, as composer, had done a very good job here.

Overall, the composition was not too hard. The form was quite easy but the chords may be problem for beginners, especially for pianist. For violinist, the difficulty may happened for the B2 part which is played an octave higher (and means you have to change 'position'). If beginners feels hard, just simplify it. Don't play in higher octave. Give a try, ok!



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