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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Picture that Tells You Something..

Good day!
Hard day. :D

You see the title. You may get confuse. Most of the anime/manga artist's works that I had ever put here were about character in a certain pose. So, rather than telling what action or mood he/she wanted to deliver, it was a pose. So this time, I am thinking about a 'story picture'. Just one picture but can give you a lot of interpretation.

Sadly, looking for these kind of conceptual art are not easy. hunting it for several days, I only found three T_T I may be come out with part 2 >.>

Please support the artists below by visiting their page and gallery. They are all from Click at the title to direct you to the picture page. There, you can enlarge to see in the bigger size.

O-rite! So these are the works *with drums*


Carlos said...

I like it. Thanks^^

- haselt

mitayashi said...

your very welcome :)