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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kasaneta Omoi (from Bokurano)

Been idle from posting anime sheet music, we're back with this score. The timing is just perfect. As you already read that Goemon's main theme is the hardest transcription right now; you can consider Kasaneta Omoi as a much easier version which fit beginner-intermediate players.

Deep Forgotten
Actually this score was done for very long time ago. Probably around one and half year ago.  The reason why we keep it so long is because we have the problem to define the tempo. By experience it through Goemon's main theme, we understand now that we can leave it as a rubato. So once we crack the problem, then, voila! Now you can get the complete transcription.

All Can Play! YAY!
- a note for violinist -
Comparing to Goemon's main theme, the music is light and especially for the violin part, you are playing on at 1st position. Yes... only your basic position, which mean we guarantee that beginners can participate to play. In case you find the rubato is annoying, simply put fermata to each note that sounded longer. The best way is.. consult and discuss with your teacher/mentor. 

A Tip
After comparing the two scores, we conclude that a song or score with rubato or maestoso in it needs the players involved to be emotionally attached. This will easier your practice to mastery the song perfectly.

Happy playing, E N J O Y!


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