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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Updating & mini News

We're battling ourselves here to rush update works for you and behind the curtain, a lot of maintenance is in progress. Basically we peek on some news, preparing some materials of music, even already thinking about the *ahem* New Year's gift for you. As you know, last year we gave you a book of almost all anime sheet music that we have.

Yes... we are thinking and everything is on the way now. For this year, is it gonna be another book? A calendar?.. A .... toy? *whaaat?!* or what? No reveal now :P The gift will be reveal near to end of the year. So please keep up with our tweet!

Our partner, Bijin has released two iPad cases. Please check them as the theme for today is something you may like: guitar! So, kindly see the case 1 and case 2. They will love your visit. We remind you that joining zazzle is totally free.

Happy weekend all!

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