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Friday, December 24, 2010

End Year Gift 2010: Wallpaper for You!

Second year had passed. It's full of joy, anxiety, experiment, and challenge. Thanks to you, our page rank is starting to move up and you give us confidence to keep working. One of the result was to hire a friend of ours, to re-design the blog's backbone, which we really feel satisfy with the fixing he had done.

For two years, j-mAdness had struggle, looking how to reach more readers, blocking times to do the transcribe, lurking to other website to gain the newest News, and surely, trying to be #1 at any anime blog ranking which is not yet fulfill :D but yet, we keep fighting for that.

So, as our relationship has grown better, please accept this very small gift. It is a compilation of wallpaper, original works that was permitted to be used from dyasmita, secret friends, & Bijin store. All are high quality, so you can force to the bigger screen, we believe.

We would also like to thank every artist in deviantart who permit us to make small reviews of them here, people who follow us at twitter, people who like our page at friendster, and co-partner Bijin Store.

Resolution 2011
So for the new target for next year is how to get more viewers. We have very little attention from Japan and we want to change it. We want to mix and show how the non-japanese fan can draw and what the real japanese fans can do.

We want more supporter. We want to pay the domain service and server yearly. So we want advertisers. We have built a new section at the right-bar named Support. So if you want to advertise your website/blog, and willing to pay either monthly/3/6/12 months, directly contact

For the music, our target is simply to load 24 works, contains of anime, j-dorama, film, and games music. We realise that games music is very limited and we do a lot of research to get a catchy sound, so does for film music. We still give the biggest slot for anime music but we try to introduce more from j-drama, film, and games.

We will also read more books from Japan (and this is hard to do, BELIEVE US!) and review them here. We were impressed by the impression data from facebook, that Grass on The Wayside review had high rating ^_^

That's all for today. Ow, just to let you know, the pictures here are not all. There are 9 wallpapers you can get in one rar file.

Happy download and E N J O Y!


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Direct download: here

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