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Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year and we're on now
happy new year! ~a bit too early, we know ;)
but things are moving fast here as we decided to rely the news to

we took a peek on pixiv and found it more or less is like a deviantart. so definitely there is no problem for us to give a little sneak peak to Japanese audience. We'll see how much it can bring reaction.We also want to connect the otaku from Japan and us (globally). Their works are awesome and we will start spying and searching the talented mangaka, illustrator, and even novelist.. (if we can understand what they wrote...)

so as for you to know, we're now affiliate to deviantart club(s) too. hopefully more clubs can relate to us.

10 sheet musics are ready for next year. we are projecting to make at least 15 but actually we wish to deliver 24 for year 2011. For sure, we do our best.

mata aimasho on January 2nd!

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