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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Dragon -from Iryu-

Iryu or Team Medical Dragon was one that fascinating those who was infected by this drama. It was based on popular manga, with the same title. Iryu - the drama version, gained its popularity because of its well tailored: from casting to music, from story pace to editing, from drama to tension. Even to some critics Iryu sounds too dramatize and too heroic, it got its own popularity.

For those who love hospital story, surely Iryu can open your eyes through the Bautista surgeon story which was deeply talked in this drama. Like many j-dorama, the 'working aspects' in this drama was not just at the cover as they dressed, but viewer got the education about heart transplantion, law aspects, and even political intrigue running under a hospital.

For the music, it was pretty stunning. I found it interesting to listen to all compositions. Red Dragon is the first choice to be transcribed, because it has some challenges such as tempo, techniques, stability, and teamwork; from the band personel, singer, and orchestra members. Even though the original records seems mostly using sound samples for greater FXs, this music score is very possible to be played by anyone, including those who just past beginner level.

If any of you now learning about music appreciation/analizing, Red Dragon showed a unique pattern. It started with 2 original themes (part A and B) and then came part C, repeating B, went to D and so on. Basically, part A and B, either in original form nor variation, would always be the 'returning' point. Did Kono Shin play around with sonata form, I would not know it. However, this is interesting. The rondo form can bring benefit for music editing because it must fit the scenes. Having it 'looping', would help the music editor to cut or to prolong the music.

OK, I won't make anything longer. So, happy listening, happy, trying, and ENJOY!


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