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Friday, January 21, 2011

Kioku no Naka no Umi ~ from EUREKA7


Pfftttt.... sorry for my flu but here is a new title for you to download, another score from EUREKA7. Hate me not for making another Eureka 7 score. Actually this one is out of planning. I have some other that had been done transcribed manually, and ready to be written with Sibelius. But I was just 'softly' forced to play violin in a small concert. So, as part of looking for a good music (I said I don't want to play classic and anyway, the time is is quite limited), I tried several old transcribes I'd ever made and because I did not satisfy, then I made 2 or 3 more title. One of them is this one.

If you are a pianist, then up from intermediate level won't have any difficulty to play. I don't think any electone player would have difficulty either, especially the intermediate player. But for violinist, I'm quite sure that this piece suits the advance player because the there are many 'position' to be played and need you to master it before you can play. For me, this piece feels much harder than Sprinting Spirit because of the slow tempo. Unless you can stabilize your bowing while handling high notes, better to practice with Sprinting Spirit first.

However, if you as beginner to intermediate level really eager to try, then go on! You can 'force' the notes one octave lower, as if you played with viola.

In the end, happy playing and E N J O Y!


Download page: here
Download file: here

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