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Monday, March 14, 2011


On 11.3.11, earthquake and tsunami stroke Japan. Our eyes were directly directed to Japan, to see and to feel what had happened from that day. Some of us might still remember the tsunami of 2008 and as we saw the TV, internet, and other media, we knew the worst was here again. Probably, even the victim (human) might not as much as tsunami 2008, the material loss and the possible next tragedy (nuclear) were starting to haunt us.

Every time something happened to Japan, we -- probably by instinct -- directed our attention there. It was probably our nature, as we love Japanese culture and being affected by it. Japanese culture: the anime, films, drama, natures, music, and arts -- had enriched our lives. It is a time for us to return its kindness.

HelpJapanProject (edit)
j-mAdness and Bijin Store decided to make a donation project.

Japan Relief
This is a donation project from Zazzle where Zazzle members can participate to donate their designs and later the money will be donated to Japan. We decided to send a design called "Japan Stay Alive". Yes, we hope, as Angela Aki sang Tegami, that Japanese people will not drop their spirit to survive.

These are our final designs. Click the pictures to go to the page in English.



日本 の access:

2. Through Bijin Store site

Yesterday, due to some questions at Zazzle forum, we decided not donated all works that related to Japan donation yet. However, some clarification has satisfied us to merge all of the work there. From now on, no more donation via Paypal but only by buying product at Zazzle/JapanRelief.

Important: joining Zazzle is totally FREE!

Closing the Project
As soon as Zazzle Japan Relief (if ever) is closed, we will also close our donation project.

Other way to do a donation is through:
PayPal Donation
Operation Reiki (deviantart members)