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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nodame Cantabile x Nabari no Ou: performing

At last, I have a spare time *sigh* Real life can kill you with so many things come and go. So, I declare myself that I'm happy I can write again... except.... that..... I have no material to write. I mean, I have no time yet to transfer my scrap of sheet music. So as an exchange, I put a donated video that I upload quite long time ago but I never mention it here yet.

This is a medley of Nodame Cantabile and Nabari no Ou's themes. Players said this video was made as a pre-concert recording. Basically they were about to perform the themes in a small concert/gathering. Since they had no idea about the building, light quality, and even costumes, to anticipate the worse, they made the video.

Both themes had been modified a little but still based on j-mAdness' transcription. It was made a bit longer because they put a little 'introduction' part in front of each song.

No need more introduction from me, E N J O Y the show!

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