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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Million Suns - Beautiful Life (J-drama)

I am pretty sure you know the drama. Some countries in Asia had put this on their local television and got nice feedback.

Anyway, the music, so far as I know was worked by Hajime Mizoguchi. Mizoguchi was one of the best composer in Japan and worked for both anime, drama, and film. His works were mostly 'sweet' and romantic to hear. So I think you will enjoy this one.

Originally, the score was played with several instruments. When I tried it with Clavinova with expecting the same sound to the instruments in the music, I found out that guitar, piano, strings, and (possibly) tuba were major instruments to play. I specify each different sounds or at least 2 combination sounds in each part (A, B, C, B', and B").

Important Addition
Not yet decided but I tried this.. consider this as a 'beta' experiment to put the guitar tabs guide. I just realize that if a guitar works as accompaniment, the chords that combine with bass was not as easy as playing it with piano. So, hopefully this will help. I consider to always put up the help for guitar, if positive advises are given. Putting tabs actually will take more time for me to work. As long as you are patient enough, I think it will be just fine ;)

Just like every time I said, feel free to change the instruments to suit your needs. Happy playing and E N J O Y! ^_^


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