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Monday, June 27, 2011

Omoi de - Kaze No Shoujo Emily

Yay! Summer time! and I quit my job, at last!

Things happen as usual and now I can upload new transcripts. Hope you're going to enjoy this one. It is a very simple music, so I believe any level can play this! YES! It is originally played with guitar, flute, and strings.

The tempo is also pretty slow for beginners to catch up. However, this music has an 'unstable' tempo because it is an expressive music. The leaders: solo guitar and flute have a full power to control the tempo. Note that the tempo, even sometimes becomes slower or faster, it always returns to the main tempo (a tempo). So you can take the tempo = 72, while when it becomes a little slower is 71, or when it goes faster only at 73. As you can see here, it does not take too much differences.

However, please note that the last two bars really getting slower. Ritard. (ritardando) means the tempo goes slower and slower. So in this case, from tempo around 73 at bar 32, at bar 33 it goes slower and slower until the end. Pretty much, I think, the accompaniment (second guitar or strings) is responsible to give the clue of the tempo.

What else should I say but... E N J O Y?!


Download page: here
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