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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gintama - appreciation

Actually I must congratulate myself that at last I can finish the whole Gintama in a year. :D with all trouble and everything, yes, I finished it. So hopefully the second 'phase' -- Gintama' will come with better and fresh story.

Now that I peek around deviantart and happily find a lot of Gintama fanart. Those that I choose here are mostly have their own interpretation and do not really try to 'look exactly same' to the original drawing style. Don't forget to visit the artist page, OK?

(Sakata Gintoki)


( Kamui and Takasugi)

(Elizabeth and Katsura)


(Hijikata Toshirou)

(Okita and Kagura)

That's all, E N J O Y!!

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