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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Natsu no Omoide ~ Waterboys 2

I don't know why I come up with two music titles consist of word 'omoi de'. Anyway, this one comes from a sequel of Waterboys -- Japanese drama. Note that the same title was originally made for film and went nicely in some Film Festivals.

Pretty slow and move piece, I personally think this piece should go for advance players, especially for violin part. Even that the beginning for violin is pretty easy, the use of up from 6th position is essential. Intermediate violinist can try, if they already understand the positioning concept. Otherwise, drag down 1 octave of the hardest part.

Intermediate pop pianist should be able to play the whole piece for both left and right hand. Most of the chords are easy and pretty basic.

Other instruments can use this sheet. I think it would be lovely to hear it as a duet of guitar and flute, or guitar and oboe. Let me know if you need a specific clef, so I can transcribe it.

Happy Summer, E N J O Y!


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