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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue Dragon - Iryu/Team Medical Dragon

OMG! So this is my 51st sheet music!!!!! ^dancing^

Really, I didn't realize it..

So, this is a requested work from months ago (cough). As a pair of Red Dragon which I already put up last year, Blue Dragon is a much slower music. Seems the composers making this as if it is a yin yang. However, both has similarity: the feeling of 'grande'.

Difficulty of Transcribing

I found a lot of difficulty to transcribe this score because it was totally a compact music from various sounds. So I had to decided which one is the main sound when there was too many sounds overlap. That was why, if you already download the sheet, the 2 first bar of intro are blank. Many sounds from that bars are repeatedly played later on 3rd to the finish intro bar. So I decided that the sounds from that 2 bars were actually accompaniment.

The second most challenging was how to decide the style of music. To call it a simple score, surely far off. Deciding as maestoso, also not quite correct. In the end, I put it as 'alla marcia' since it had a spirit of march. Remember that not all march suppose to be fast. However, I was - and I am still not sure - as many part of the bars had no spirit of march. In case you know the most appropriate way to treat this score, please let me know.

So many 'bridge'. This was also an impression when I worked on. From the main theme to the 'reff' (Part C), you got a bridge (Part B). From Part C, you got 2 different bridges (Part D and E) before you go back to the main theme variation. Also, it had lots of key signatures change. From D to G, to C, but mainly only these 3 key signatures. Wow...

The last thing, this was interesting; this score was having a lot of expression that keep changing. From soft to loud, to grazioso (gracefully), to soft, to grande -- all were continuously crafted. If you hear directly, you actually cannot see a lot differences, but, again, the composers were playing with instruments. So, the more instruments were joining a sections, the louder it became. From there, I decided all the expressions.

Notes for Musicians

Play it alone or in group?
Even though it is possible to play alone, especially for piano, there will be limitation. I think, the best is to play at least as duet. Piano can be the best accompaniment since it has the widest range of octaves and can cover all the expressions needed. The main sound can be anything, as long as you can cover the octaves. Seems the range for the main sound is quite big. Surely violin can handle it.

However, for excitement, I will prefer to play as a small group of 4 or 5 instruments. The original score has lot of instruments, including human's voice. Range is from drums, strings, piano, erhu, brass section, etc. So, go on. Get your group play, substitute whatever sound there into whatever your group can play! Music is always about excitement and music group is always about teamwork. I do believe you will find a lot of fun doing this together!


Is this music hard to play? I personally says that at least level beginner-intermediate (level 2) can play this score without having trouble as soloist. I also see nothing hard for the accompany parts because all the chords are totally basic.

So, happy summer time, happy playing, and most of all: E N J O Y!


Download page: here
Download file: here


l3oat said...

do you have a piano sheet music? Thanks to you i found this note but I have no idea how left hand will play? and If you have a 2 line note please give me the red dragon too thanks a lot.

mitayashi said...

no. for so many reason i wrote at FAQ, i never write exclusively for piano.

if you don't know how to play the left part, then it's your turn to train your hearing and also study chords system. ^_^

i'm sorry for that. but try to search "piano pop" tutorial in internet, or see at amazon for book about Chords. there are alot there and the cheap one also available.

the other way is to ask your mentor about chord system. from the way you asked me, i assume you study classic. But most mentors know about chords.

anyway, there is no restriction on how to play the left hand. as long as you know the chords, you can copy the pattern of left hand from your classical course.