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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily - Gundam 00

jyan, jyaaaannn!

As I had given the clue, especially in Facebook, so I will start posting up Gundam 00 music scores. Not only one but... 4. Yes, FOUR! :D Don't hate me, but I trully love Gundam 00, as I think that anime was the most efficient storyline and very intense.

Daily is a fun song, mostly used when Saji and his girlfriend were on the scenes. This is a 'rare' music type in Gundam 00 collections. Most of the music that Kawai Kenji made had a sad feeling, intense, thrilling, and of course full spirit of military marches.


You can do both. I don't know exactly how a solo flute can play double notes. If it is sound impossible, then two players are expected. If you choose to play alone, then only play all notes on the upper position.

Note for accompaniment (chords player), many chords there are played on the same beat as the flute(s) play. I already put them on the respective places. Feel free to play in free-style, as this music has influence of jazz. The bassist (bass player) has the most autonomy freedom to play his part. If you listen carefully, the bass sounds like walking from here to there non-stop. I am so jealous, I wish I can play bass again (I left it super long time ago).

Happy playing and E N J O Y!


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