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Monday, August 8, 2011

Raimei, Kuru - Nabari no Ou

Whoaaa! I forgot I had this score! @_@

It was worked on January and because I was so busy with the concert, then I forgot to put this up. So, I think, just like me, you guys are going to love this score. Every time I hear it, I smile and imagine how Raimei would acted in funny situation.

This music is fun and light, and if you can express it with fun gesture, surely charming. Note that the music has a lot of staccato especially at the A-part, which is mainly for woodwinds. The B-part, which is mainly for violin/strings, has wide range of playing. I think this would be more suitable for intermediate until expert player. Otherwise, discuss with your mentor.

So, E N J O Y and play!

PS: next posting, it will be Gundam 00 music fever! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Download page: here
Download file: here

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