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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Concerto ~Brotherhood~ - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood


A challenging one, I must say. "Concerto" is basically another version of Overture ~Brotherhood~. Overture version may a bit complicated as it was fully for orchestra/symphony with mooooore rubato and other signs or symbols. That was why I took Concerto which is more like an original version and simpler.

I test several sounds and I decided to take clarinet and strings to be transcribe. The reason why I put 'duet' here was because the sounds are connecting and fulfill their function as one melody. These were likely the 'backbone' of the whole music.

Accompaniment can be done by piano, even better if you can gather a group of strings, woodwinds, and brass. The whole notes for both clarinet and strings (violin, mostly) are still easy to play. If piano acts as the accompaniment, carefully listen the original music and compare it to the transcribed paper. All difficult chords had been written.

Happy September and E N J O Y playing!


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