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Monday, November 14, 2011

DONOR/RECIPIENT - Hidari-me Tantei Eye (J-drama)

I am thanking the requester for asking me doing 3 scores from a Japanese drama Hidari-me Tantei EYE. I love the album so much!

Why it takes toooooo long...
I have trouble to get the original sounds and had to survive with youtube version (which I convert to mp3 first), but at last I could get the whole score. I basically hate to give the sound sample based on youtube converter, because I think the quality will be much decreased. Since I found a complete album, then now I am confidence to fill up the 3 requests in a row!

So, Donor/Recipient is a composition, I think, close enough to call this one as the backbone of the entire album. This score is the only one that has 3 additional variations: Choir, bell, and piano-forte version. Like Blue Dragon from Iryu, this original composition has lot of instruments involve and overlap but much easier to work, comparing to Blue Dragon.

I would suggest to play as group, at least one soloist and an accompaniment. Soloist can cover all part from the main sound. I won't suggest level 2 (beginner-intermediate) pianist to take over the soloist. I think this piece is still too complicated. Intermediate level for pianist is highly encourage to participate.

If you are a violinist, I think intermediate-expert level can give a try. I am sure this is fun for you. Violinist will face a lot of challenging positions. I haven't play myself, but as I saw the highest note, then I would think about 6th and 7th positions will be dominant here.

Chords are pretty basic. I am sure you can handle this. Electric guitar that acted as rhythm/accompaniment should be able to play.

I hear some brass and woodwinds sections but I cannot tell either it is hard or easy for them because I cannot play those instruments.

In the end, happy playing and E N J O Y!

Download page: here
Download file: here

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