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Friday, December 2, 2011

First request batch of 2011 has officially finished

Hi all, especially requesters that listed on the first request batch, thank you very much. I had done your request. Kindly check the post because I already posted all of them.

I am soon will start with second batch, as now I am listening to all the sound resources of your request. Soft reminder: I will not make a personal contact to each requester when their request is finished and posted. All you have to do is to directly check here.

Also, please make sure that you request something that no other websites has not list yet! Especially check Josh anime sheet music website, because this website has listed hundred titles of anime and game sheet music. To be truth, I already refuse so many request because I can find it on other webs. I will also refuse request that has no sample sound. Some of you came to me with rare title to work and no sample I can download. It is best to have it on mp3 but I accept sample from youtube. Please help me not to waste my time by doing additional unnecessary thing. Let's do it as KISS.

mitayashi no mae

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