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Friday, December 23, 2011

Orochi 2 - PlayStation3™

HUAAAAA! <3 <3 When I saw this, I cannot help myself but to rant here (>.>) I've been ages not playing Orochi 2 and when I see this I just feel that I really really want it. The PS3 version is - of course - much better. The graphic, as I see the review, looks much smoother and d@mn, those bishounen!! (T_T) I waaaannnntt!

Now that I just remember,.. you might find this awkward but when I had difficulties to study violin, and because I was actually super rare on gaming, I bought Orochi and Sengoku Musou to help me "connecting my brain and my hands". And actually, it worked well. How? Because my eyes had to focus on the map and let my hand directed it. So it was my training. You won't believe that I really had difficult time just to be focus and able to command my brain, working properly. Lol, I couldn't even control my horse and it kept struck on something :D Even my brother looked at me strangely because it really took time for me to play. In that time, I used PS2. So the feeling was quite alike as I was handling violin while my eyes reading the notes at my music book.

So.. ok, I stop ranting :D Anyway, price is probably too expensive, but hey,.. it is still on the top demand. So, I do believe this is still worth to get.

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Probably some of you notices that some years ago I usually put up review or recommendation on Game and Book where you can directly buy it. So, that's what I am about to bring back.

There are new plans for j-madness but I will reveal it on 2012, specifically on the first post. ;) You've got to be patient :D

Meanwhile, stalk on Orochi 2, read the spec, save your money, or buy now! ;)

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