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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So That's it!

Its almost a wrap for 2011. Supposedly this is the last 'random' posting from me. Having 3 years on this blog or website has cheer up my life, probably also sharping my skills on internet and music. Comparing to the year 2009 which I could committed to write a lot, this year was decreased. I tried to be more strict with schedule but of course there were things happened out of the schedules.

Overall, I am satisfied with whatever I could push for this year:
- more sheet music from drama and film
- accepting more requests and able to finished them on schedule.
- better ranks in some websites. (thanks to you, guys!)
- widen the collection to forum that support links to other resources.
- doing extra experiments to make more people come here (thanks to keep coming and downloading!)

It's a bumpy year for me, personally, and the world, but we have to keep going on. I wish you all to be able to achieve whatever you plan for the next year, whatever you dream on.. Work on it, stay focus, and don't give up.

The last sheet music of 2011 will be posted on December 30th or 31st, and what's my plan for the 2011 will be posted on the first post at January 2012.

Have fun on your holidays and  E N J O Y!

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