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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update Forum List - Dec. 2011

To make easy to search, each Section will have index pages, sticky at the top of the section thread-room. This is to make you easier on searching the data.

Got some links of X-Japan scanned sheet music. here

Life Action Section is now will filled with j-dorama, film, and documentary TV background music (OST) and scanned sheet music where available. Newly add:
- Gokudō no tsuma-tachi: Kejime OST - Oshima Michiru (rare item)
- Hanazakari no kimitachi e OST, OP, ED, and insert songs.

Remember, you cannot access the forum unless you are a member and logged in. j-mAdness is only providing the links. All links are basically uploaded by other people and we list here with their permission or by giving  credit to the source. Please use the materials for study only. After seeing the sample, please support the original artist by buying the original one.

Happy study and E N J O Y!

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