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Friday, January 20, 2012

COPIC Tutorial

Hey, I suppose to post around 12 hours ago but I am having flu.

Well, quite long I didn't go hunting tutorials and I found these 2 tuts that I find useful.
The first one is a basic use on how to handle COPIC especially how to refill and finding where to buy it online. This tutorial is provided by hallistorkx3 at deviantart. Go to the page. You must click Download Image to see the tutorial.

Another one is a trick on how to color with COPIC and pencil. This means, you don't use pen or ink to do the outline of your drawing. The tutorial is made by yaichino from deviantart. Go to the page

The last one is a collection of drawing with COPIC by MissKerrieJ and I think this can be useful for you.
This is one of the work she has done:

Happy drawing, E N J O Y!

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