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Monday, January 30, 2012

Download Issues

whoa... I totally skipped 3x of posting! >.<

Sorry, but I had lot of things happen here.. but good thing is I can keep up to post here.
So, I believe most of you were aware of SOPA/PIPA issues these past weeks. Also the trouble with MegaUpload. Unfortunately, most of my 'extra' files were stored in MegaUpload. Right now, most files I listed at our Link Bank are not working. Since I still have some issues in my real life, I will start to update them on February. However, other files that was not stored on MegaUpload or SonicFiles are mostly fine. If you find any broken link, please make a report.

To some files that wasn't me as uploader, I think I still can ask the original uploader to put up the file back somewhere. Bear that this will take times.

That's all for announcement!

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