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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Honoka na Koi - PEACE MAKER Kurogane

Another simple and clean tune. This time from PEACEMAKER Kurogane.

The tune foro main melody is easy. So, Beginners, it's your chance to play. The accompaniment is also pretty basic. You might encounter 2 non-basic chords, but it's not hard, in my opinion. As usual, all help for chords are given.

Processing the sheet
Even though this piece is not hard to work, I find out that the tempo has slightly changed. Though it was a minor differences, it is still give impact to my..... metronome :D From tempo 70 and jump tp 72 at bar 20th, yes,... it gives the impact. But let's not scared the Beginners. I think it will be fine for Beginners to play from beginning to the end in only one selected tempo: either 70 or 72. Since 2/3 of the music is using 72 as the tempo, why not you just stick with this tempo?

Intermediate to expert players are expected to perform as what is is written but.. creativity, interpretation, and spontaneity are more important. Play it with your style.

So, play alone or in group?
Up to you. This tune is adaptable with solo, duet, or even trio.

Well then, happy playing and  E N J O Y!

Download page: here
Download file: here

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