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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Koko wa Samurai no Kuni da - from Gintama -

I'm super sleepy .. I am sorry if this article will have lots of grammatical errors. Duh..

One of my favorite, I think Gintama without this score is not Gintama. I guess, this is a signature work -- my personal phrase for a significant work from a composer, usually even he/she works on different title of film, you can 'feel' that it's his/her work. But in this case, since it is my fist time to encounter Audio Highs, I haven't find other than Gintama. But for me, this score is just like a conclusion of the whole Gintama series.

Feel free to change the main instrument. It's not a hard composition, so I am pretty sure any of you can play it. Accompaniment can be piano or classic guitar. I might love classic guitar, because it can create a more quiet feeling. But as usual, no restriction of accompaniment. Feel free to take care the whole song by yourself, especially pianist and keyboardist, or collaborate with your friend or mentor.

PS: Please note that the correct composer for the whole Gintama series is Audio Highs and not Kamagata Eichi. It is a general error that in every website, it is written as

In the end, happy playing, and E N J O Y!

Download page: here
Download file: here

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