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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Main Theme - GENJI: Dawn of Samurai

Allo! Today's menu is from GENJI, a video game which the soundtrack was worked by Takanashi Yasuharu. As I expected, Takanashi gave the 'heavy' feeling for this video games and of course, the Japanese traditional flavor was truly tasty in the whole album. If you didn't yet feel like you acknowledge Takanashi, he was working in several anime titles such as Naruto Shippuuden, Jigoku Shoujo, and Shiki.

The Main Theme from GENJI is actually a simple one but what makes it great is Takanashi's ability to put the correct sounds that given a feeling of "glamour" without overdoing it. The theme is self, for me, is quite emotional, which is rare.

If you play as solo, you can choose to play the lower notes or the higher one. If you choose the higher one, simply create by yourself for some bars which have no written higher notes. The score is actually applicable for many instruments, including brass, strings, and of course the percussion (uh, I cannot make percussion sheet music, anyway!).

An Idea!
I think, it is interesting to play this as a group of electronic instruments. Anyway, the original score is using drum set, so it is still make sense to 'transform' the orchestra sounds into a band. In this case, a keyboardist can control all the strings and brass sounds, if she/he wants. The cello/contrabass can be take care by bassist and the main melody, somehow is still sound nice if you try with electric guitar.

However, you still can treat this as a modern chamber also. Drummer, bassist, electric guitar, keyboardist are staying on their position. But you take in some brass players and choir! Yes, if you listen carefully, the original score has choir inside.

So then, happy playing and E N J O Y!
*also.. Happy Chinese Dragon Year!*

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