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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Spirit on 2012

At last, we're on 2012! ^_^

Welcome back and as promised on the last announcement, I will reveal some plan (which hopefully can be worked) for this year.

Sheet Music Project
Seeing all my own transcribed work, I just feel I need to do extra work. So I decided to make at least 90 new sheet music and released 8 to 10 each month. From December last year, I did a massive research, download, getting involved with people who love anime/drama/film/video games and see what music that I should studied. I had gathered around 30 new titles and I was 'walking through' for each title's music scores. So you can imagine hundreds of tunes if each title consist of 20 tracks. After selecting then I keep the files on my "The Best" folder; waiting to be worked on.

So far, around 30 sheets music are on going right now. Ten of it had totally finished which mean, we are saved for this month :D

I don't want to put too much of target, as I am afraid not being able to accomplish. It is good if I can finish 140 -- which is the actual number I have to make by looking on the statistic, the profit I've on 3 years, and other statistical reason. But to reach 90 will be not easy, as I am working on various things on my life. That is why I force a massive work from December because I know I have to leave this site some times. So 90 is my realistic number right now.

Sheet music will be varied from anime to game music. Anime will still have the biggest percentage, follows by drama, film, and games. The thing is, I tried to be broader, from classic to the newest on the latest trend if supported sound samples are available.

Link Collection for Forum
As I am progressing to learn more music score, I meet new and nice people who let me linked their files to our forum link bank. So I will gradually add them as much as I can. Most of the links are sound samples, the rest are scanned sheet music. Keep checking here as monthly I will announce the additional links for you.

That's it! I wish this plan will go nicely :)

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