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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3: How Delicious would it be?

I know that some of you are true gamers,.. well, comparing to me whom rarely play (tehee!) It is great that I just got this news from Tecmo Koei’s Community Manager, Chin Soon Sun via his Facebook about his interview recently.

I build up my curiousity as I read the interview and as I scroll the questions and answers, it really tickles my mind to taste the game. Nazih Fares (or Ozimandu), the interviewer from surely questions some basic thing we would like to know. So please read Interview: Chin Soon Sun, as Chin revealed from plots to stage difficulties, and if you're crazy about Hayabusa Ryu, then the interview is worth to read. :D Sorry, I cannot reveal it here, because I want you to read there :D

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Ninja Gaiden 3  (NINJA 外伝) will be released on March 2012. I think it is time for you to save up your money to buy it. Pre-order can be done at the official website Ninja Gaiden 3 or connect yourself to Ninja Gaiden 3 at

Happy savings, Happy shopping!

Just got another update from Chin, he upload a Ninja Gaiden 3 preview!


Nazih Fares said...

Thanks for promoting this

Nazih Fares said...

Thanks for sharing this

mitayashi said...

Hi Nazih!

No problem at all! It was a nice interview! ^_^