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Friday, January 6, 2012

Still I Have Hope to Live - Blassreiter

Let's just start it.

I divided the sheet music into 3 pages, even that the music only needs one page. One is for 3 instruments (directly in one page) where clef of F and clef of G are included there. The other 2 pages are for solo performance, for example: violin (clef of G) or cello (clef of F). So in case you want to perform solo, I already transcribed only for one clef. If you need clef of C (for example: viola), let me know.

It is not a heavy music, basically pretty easy tune for both melody and chords. So I wish the beginners are trying to play. Originally it was played with cello, piano, and guitar. 

Happy playing and E N J O Y!!

Download page: here
Download file: here

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