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Monday, February 27, 2012

Brush Madness: for drawing human

Oh rite, what I am going to feature here are awesome brush sets for Photoshop users, especially if you specialize yourselves to human/anime style drawing. Why? because the sets contains human skin swatches, and  brushes for pore! Can you imagine that? Yes! PORES!

So, thanks to Rahll at deviantArt, who created the sets, now you can crazily expand your drawing and painting skills. To appreciate Rahll, please visit his main page by clicking his name, Rahll.

And these are the page info of the brush sets:
Brush set and Pore Brushes: here
Skin tone swatches: here

Note that this brush set and swatches, as far as I know are only work on Photoshop. I think, any Photoshop still work fine.

Happy drawing! E N J O Y!

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