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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Closed Door of 110 - from Asunaro Hakusho -

One of the super classic j-dorama I'd ever known. Pretty interesting because this drama was my first encounter with S.E.N.S
The drama itself, somehow was very popular in South East Asia. I 'checked' some of my friends and most of them know this drama very well.

The tune is pretty easy but the mood it created really torn my heart. Well, yes, this is a ballad. I was even intended to use this tune for a drama in a class I took care :D but I ended up with Rain's Wolf's tune hehe.

Anyway, I decided to write it as duet of piano and violin. Simply because the harmony was not fulfill without both of instruments. Other than that, you can put up other strings, like cello to join and take care the bass sound. Just like what I always said, feel free to play with any instrument you are mastered. If you really intended to play as solo, that is also fine.

oh, I almost forgot, note that Asunaro Hakusho is famous with other title: Asunaro White Paper, Asunaro Confession, and Ordinary People. I hope, this will trigger you if you don't feel familiar with "Asunaro Hakusho" . In this blog, I will only refer it as Asunaro Hakusho and Ordinary People.

In the end, happy playing and E N J O Y the February!

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