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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CONTEST: Visual Interpretation of Music

I was lurking around at deviantart and was finding an interesting contest. Even though this is not directly related to j-mAdness' mission, it is still related to music, animation, and arts. So, the competition basically is about interpreting music or song into animation or drawing or alike. You are not permitted to put up a band/musician performing the music. Again, this is about interpretation of the music.You can  submit either picture or youtube, and closing date is Match 4th. So, you still have time to do this.

For complete details of rules, judges profiles, and prizes, please read here.

How to Join for non-deviantart member
I was kinda lucky that I could talk with the initiator of the contest, simonpark81 and let me spread the news here. For non member of deviantart, you can register. It is free membership. Then, to make you easy, join this group: #deverythingart, this is actually a club which is free to join (all clubs in deviantart are free to join). And then, if you still have questions or inquiries, feel free to contact simonpark81 or go to the club's competition journal.

j-mAdness will feature the winner on April's article. So, if it's YOU who win, be ready,.. you might get extra credit here ;) because you can show off on your CV (for work) or your own blog, that you are featured in j-mAdness and #deverythingart.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your creativity and enter the contest!
I wish you good luck and E N J O Y the creativity process! ^_^

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