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Friday, February 17, 2012

So many events on my real life

If you pay attention, I am a Co-Founder at deverythingART club in deviantArt. I was invited by the Founder as the club is still on going to setup everything. Though the contest is running, I make sure that I remain neutral and will not take part as judges. Still, possibly, I will take part as witness to ensure that everything in the contest runs smoothly and fairly. So I urge you to join the contest. You still have half month to make your presentation, and if you don't understand what I am talking about, read this article.

Now, another announcement:
I might be a bit busy this month to next early month. I have a bazaar I should attend next month and crazy preparations are made right now. While I am working with limited and almost no help at all, I hardly manage my time. So, for sure, I may skip or delay my post. But as usual, if I delay it, then the next will be double posts. Right now, please pray that I will get some money on the bazaar next month :)

Next, I try to finish all the requests by next month, if time is possible. So if your request is not yet "on going" status, please be patient. :)

Next, I update forum post (links bank) at the book section. Now you have a link to No. 6 (novel, translation). Most of you might already watched the anime version. So, it's time to read the original novel version.

Happy (late) Valentines!

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