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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dramatic COSPLAY

For me, cosplay should be dramatic. You are not a figure doll. You are dinamic to bring up your character alive. I don't mind see "pose" of cosplay but I love a photography cosplay which telling you stories.

So dramatic cosplay, for me, is a cosplay where the picture has the quality of drama (story and acting), details (location, lighting, costume), and even.. whether the character suits your face contour (shape) or not. For the last one, it usually affect my mood. There are people whom not suit to cosplay a character because the face doesn't fit the hairstyle. Just like our normal life, our looks will look be great when the face and hair match.

So as I am wondering around deviantart, after the craziness schedule previously, I found some nice dramatic cosplay. Like usual, suppert the cosplayer by looking at their main page and gallery. I warn you that some pics my disturbing.. but.. well.. that's dramatic.

Do you hear when the devil cry? by ~Askarothdeliran


Even though the cosplayer looks "cute" to be Dante on my personal opinion, the location, the lighting, the use of fog, are just right! Even the expression was right. So I enjoy looking at this picture.

Gintama - 01 by *Kanasaiii


Hijikata's wig seems a bit unfit.. but what makes me smiles and enjoy the picture is... their expression! Kagura's cosplayer was truly sparkling. The cuteness was there and her body language was correct. She became the center, not only because of her genuine expression, but also her clothes. While others use blue, she's the only red. So this is a perfect balance color. Seeing them enjoyed the picnic, I feel like I want to ask, "May I join?"

WCS 2011 - Le Chevalier D'Eon by ~BloodstoneDesigns


I think I rarely see people want to cosplay Chevalier d'Eon.. and probably I was the first person ever transcribed sheet music from this anime >.>
You know what,..? I love the dress! You have to see it, enlarge the picture by clicking the title, and see the great details on the clothes. Actually, the cosplayers have 2 version of this similar pose: one is outdoor, and one is the one I featured here. I picked this one because it's more dramatic. The lighting exposed the clothes better, and you will also thrilled by their pose. It's beautiful, yet, I think, there's a little sadness inside.

Kairi Cosplay by *AuroraInk


 This might be the simplest cosplay I'd ever seen. Yet, it's beautiful. I mean, well, nothing outstanding from the clothes,.. you can find it, wear it daily. But.. the pose, the location,.. it's telling something. I like the warm sun light in front of her, while it didn't make her under-exposure (lack of light). I feel it like sanctuary, a quiet and calm place where you can reflect yourself.

Sengoku Basara:nel mare sangue by *Ashitaro


I like her expression. It has a sadness there. I wish for extra dramatic pose but what I am interested is the water. The color that from "red" to white, helps create the mood or symbolism. 

Trying to survive by ~Artyy-Tegra


I like how the hair that messy a bit in front of the character, that's truly helped to balance the composition. The concept was nice, the pose, and position (angle) of the katana were also good. The drama was well captured by the photographer, positioned him/herself a bit higher than the cosplayer. I wish the cosplayer put a little scratches at hands or face to bring more drama to the picture, but overall, this is good already!

His Butler, Meets Death by ~LALASOSU2


Now, this is a sample of creativity! Lala told how she put "blood" on her face and about the "blood" behind her. I found this picture... intriguing.. rough,.. yet..  it looks great. I loved this picture because Lala didn't try to look beauty: the messy hair, is trully look messy and I love the fact she didn't try to make Sebastian's death looks beautiful. 

So that's my personal choice of dramatica cosplay. Maybe in the future I will come again with other intriguing, beautiful, and comical cosplay photos.

E N J O Y your day!

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