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Sunday, March 4, 2012

End Title - Tokyo Love Story (j-drama)

Oh noeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!
So, I have lots of homework here T_T

But fine... lucky I still have some sheet that I've done from early February and supposedly posted week ago. So here we go with another classic J-drama called Tokyo Love Story. Yes, it is considered classic and well known in Asia. I checked my friend in Indonesia and Philippines, and both had watched them long time ago. Some said around 1994. @_@ wow.

What's great about Tokyo Love Story is the chemistry between the main characters. And I just found out that it was actually based on... manga! So, I kinda wonder what the manga looked like. Well, definitely really late of 80s or earlier 90s, I suppose ^^

The score was having several types of variations, under different titles. I took this title because this was the simplest one, and the clearest one to hear. So I assure Beginners can try.

So, happy playing and  E N J O Y!!


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