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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Requiem - Angel Heart

Time for sheet music again.

My favorite score from Angel Heart. Like usual, I didn't ever watch the anime, so I didn't know in what scene or episode this score played for the first time. My personal feeling, when I heard this,.. it's far from sad. It's more to.. serene, peaceful, yet I wanted to cry when I heard it.

Two pages: for Clef of F and Clef of G
Because the original sounds were mainly played with cello and accompanied with piano, the first transcribe is for Clef of F (cello and other instrument in the same range). But I know that other players might want to try as well. So, I also made a transcript for Clef of G players (violin, piano, harmonica, flute, and those instruments in this range).

I hope this will be sufficient for you. If any from Clef of C needs the transcript as well (for example, for viola), don't hesitate to notify me.

The Beauty
I think, Iwasaki was perfectly put cello there. The ambiance, for me, is much better than played with violin. The low sounds made an effect of calmness.

I encourage beginners of cello players to try. Just do your best because the notes and pattern are not too hard. Consult with your mentor, how to produce the sounds the best.

For intermediate players, I think that you already have to put the emotion correctly. The sounds are emotionally up and down, and it can be achieved by mastering the bow. So good luck!

Other instruments which are not part of Clef of F, feel free to play, do your own interpretation.

Happy playing and E N J O Y!!


Download page: here
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