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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kimi to Zutto - Detective Conan (j-drama)

Ending song for Detective Conan drama (2011), which was... requested from long time ago *sweat drop*. At last, I could finished this one. It didn't really hard to work, for me,.. but took times. This, include my decision to make it as 3/4 rhythm (waltz), rather than 6/8 (slow rock). I took this song as waltz rather than slow rock, because the whole songs always give a clear "pressure" on the 1st and 4th beat (if we count it as 6/8), so this is actually waltz.

Another reason why it took times was the fact that the lyric wasn't easy to get. I found some websites that provide the Japanese, but then when I compared, it had different way of writing. Even worst, the translation also had the same problem. In the end, I took the Japanese lyric from warmlyrics while the translation from deissyable. But again, as I compared both to the song, I found some mistakes. The warmlyric version mixed up putting the refrain and bridge together (I separated them into C part -- consist of C1 and C2; and D part for bridge.

The translation also had some minor -- but completely change the meaning. deissyable wrote:
"I love you, I am happy I got to meet you;
the one who wiped away my tears so softly."

I compared to the kanji/hiragana provided by deissyable in her Youtube and romaji by warmlyrics; and this is what was written:
"Aishiteru sotto namida nuguu
Kimi ni aete shiawase da yo"

Though my Japanese is... suck.. (hehe..), I am pretty confidence that the word "namida" means tears and the word "shiawase" means happy. So for this reason, I change it into:
"I love you, I'm in tears meeting you there;
the one who brings happiness."

My translation - however - might not completely correct, as I tried to mix with the existing translation. So, if any of you can translate the whole song better, kindly pass it to me.

Anyway, the music is not hard. I think beginners can participate to play the main tunes. Chords are pretty mild for difficulty.

So, happy playing and  E N J O Y!!


Title: Kimi to Zutto
From: Detective Conan: Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo
Kudō Shin'ichi e no Chōsenjō 工藤新一への挑戦状 (j-drama)
Popularized by Yu Yu
Song Type: Ending song
Released: 2011

Total page: 3 (2 sheet music, 1 lyric + translation page)
File type: jpg, high quality
Supplement: mp3
File size: 3.1 MB


Download file: here

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