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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sekijitsu wa Kaeru - 11eyes

I am back..!
another work from 11eyes. This time a strings music. It's kinda sad music, yet, emotional. I love it and I think it's good to share it here.

As I see the final form of my transcribe, I would suggest this to be played by up from intermediate violinist to expert level. I saw many position will be used. Since this is suggested for experienced players, I didn't put up any expressions or techniques needed.

However, beginners to beginner-intermediate level can try by lowering the octaves. In this case, coordinate with your mentor, unless you know how to write notes. This piece is also good for sharping your emotion towards music,.. so, practice and I hope you learn something new!

E N J O Y!

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Title: Sekijitsu wa Kaeru - 11eyes (anime)
Composer: SuperSweep

Total page: 1 
File type: jpg, high quality
Supplement: mp3


Download file: here

Warriors Orochi 3, English Version (Xbox360)

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