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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Bird - Haibane Renmei

Sunday had passed. I actually test to access j-madness URL, and everything was just fine, except the j-madness' banner at the top didn't show up. So that was a relieved!

Free Bird is the first one I finished from the newest request list. The music is actually challenging. Especially when I worked to find the chords. However, main melody is pretty simple. Though it is nice to have several instruments take part as soloist, one musician can still take over the whole song. Of course you need to do some adjustment.

Accompaniment with guitar (one or two) and tambourine are the best. But feel free to substitute with other instrument such as piano, bells, or others.

A minimalist performance is fine, but if you can gather your friends, especially during the boring summer break, then why not performing as group?

Get some relax and E N J O Y!


Download file: here (6.0 MB)

Fire Emblem: Kakusei Edition for Nintendo DS. Ever heard?

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