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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kokoro no Ingashi - Kogitsune Helen (j-film)

Never watched the movie, but I had the soundtracks. I think, I was amazed and stunned to hear the whole scores. This was one of the best soundtracks I'd ever heard. Nishimura Yukie, the composer had done a very great job.

As I never watched the film, I couldn't say what the story about. So the music, and judging from the CD cover, I would said it must be a children film. And as I checked around the Internet, I was pretty correct. But I thought it might be something like like March of the Penguins -- a story telling documentary (I refer to French version, which is using a first point of view, as if the penguins themselves talked; not the English version). And... I was wrong! Kogitsune Helen was totally a fiction, a drama about the interaction between human and a baby fox. But this was not all  I could revealed. What's the story about? You can check here.

The Comments of "Kokoro no Ingashi"
Kokoro no ingashi was a sweet music, a very moving and emotional. I was impacted without seeing the actual film. The sweetness was built by the piano, strings, and oboe (I assumed the woodwind sound as oboe). The opening was only piano in soft sound and high tone.. later it grows louder as the strings joined as accompaniment, and oboe "answered" the last part of the the phrase (Part B). The first will echoed as Part A' then jump to Part C, which has no similarity to Part B at all. You would encounter Part A" as a closing. To see this pattern, I would say this was almost like a rondo.

Even though there were time I would like to cry when I heard the music, this was totally far from sad music, in my opinion. More like a lullaby in the beginning. So you don't have to worry about feeling depressed :) My reason was because the instruments, the way the instruments were played, and the chords -- all together created a different nuance. The chords, especially, had very little of minor chords. It was limited to only Em, Dm, and Bm7.

Difficult music? Not at all, in my opinion. This piece could be played by beginners. And could you imagine a group of pianist, strings, and oboe beginners played this? Whoa, that would be awesome. If you find anything difficult, like the note was too high, or there were technique (in piano, I heard a glissando), skip it! Or, if you could force yourself a little, simplified it! As long as you had a determination to play, I bet you can! (^_^)b

Updated: I research about the film poster, you can see it at our Tumblr. Yes, we revive the tumblr back! Here is the link

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Title: Kokoro no Ingashi - Kogitsune Helen (j-movie)
Composer: Nishimura Yukie

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