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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Sore Feet Song - Mushi-shi

Oh, I love this song! Don't you, too? ^___^

It sounds very simple, minimalist, but just fit everything. Even though originally played with guitars and strings ensemble, I think if you want to change it into piano or keyboard, that is still making sense. So, just try it first.

Speaking about technical matters, I decided not to write the tempo in numbers, but just left it as "Rubato". Since the tempo kept changing and the song was truly moved with emotion, I think it was the best to left it open as rubato. This would gave you freedom to decide the changing tempo and how you want to put your emotion there.

And anyway, if you want to perform as a total instruments in, no one singing, I think flute, clarinet, and harmonica can be on your consideration.

Hard to play? Basically not. Well, the sharps signs might too much there.. but you know the song already, right? So, no more obstacle! Chords are also easy. Any guitarist needs the tabs, let me know.. You know I am "too lazy" to work on extra things and consider you all as genius :D

PS: I am not really sure that the composer was including Masuda Toshio but on one resource said so.. (I forget the URL).. So I will left it as Ally Ker and Masuda-san worked together. ^_^

So, happy playing! E N J OY!!!


Title: The Sore Feet Song - Mushi-shi (anime)
Composer: Ally Kerr, Masuda Toshio

Total page: 3 (2 sheet musics, 1 lyric page)
File type: jpg, high quality
Supplement: mp3
Zip size: 5.3 MB


Download file: here


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